NSA 1200A Environmental Air System Personal Air Filter


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NSA 1200A Environmental Air Filter System

Exclusive 4 1/2 Year Warranty

  • Lightweight Personal Air System
  • Absorbs and neutralizes most odors
  • Filters air fast with a dual blower system
  • Perfect for home or office/blends with any decor
  • High-tech polymer construction is durable and easy to clean
  • Exclusive 4 1/2-year limited warranty
  • Four-stage filtration
    1. Pre-filter for large particles
    2. Tightly woven polyester particle screen
    3. 3 M Brand Filtrete™ Electrostatic Media for particles
    4. EC-1270® Tri-Media Filter for gases and odors
  • High speed-120V 33 Watts .033KW 50CFM
  • Low speed-120V 20 Watts .020KW 36CFM
  • Dimensions: 10″ wide, 12″ high, 71/2″ deep
  • Effective range: 1200-1500 cubic feet
  • Shipping Weight: 10 pounds


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