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Genuine - Original
NSA 100S Under Sink Replacement Water Filters

NSA 100S Geniune Replacement Water Filter

This unit can ONLY be used with 60 psi
First Floor Single Family Dwellings

Most convenient, practical water treatment system

Complete description and specifications for NSA 100S

While the overwhelming number of this model filter (continuously in use, today) have proven to be stable and reliable, in some instances due to careless installation, cracks have occurred in the unit by the installer over-tightening the nut leading into the filter body, causing leakage and flooding. A wrench must be used on the inside nut to prevent it from tightening into the unit beyond factory placement. Proper installation will give you years of care-free service. Therefore, purchasing this specific product is understood by the purchaser to be made at your own risk. Should you decide to purchase this product, Pure Air and Water For The Earth and/or its owners shall be held harmless in the event of physical or water damage to your property that may be caused in the event of product failure or improper installation. Your placement of an order for this product is made with this understanding.

CAUTION: Do Not use this filter in Multi-Family units, or where water pressure is greater than 60 psi.

Price: $245.00 USD

Special Discounted Price: $126.88 USD

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