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NSA 300H Whole House Water Filter System

NSA 300H Whole House Water Filter SystemNSA 300H Pre-filter and Installation Kit

Capacity: 75000 gal.

Imagine your whole house supplied with clean, clear, color-free water! The NSA 300H treats every drop of water that comes into your home. You’ll enjoy cleaner, clearer water for all your needs - drinking, laundryW, icemaker, dishwasher, shower, and bath. Comes complete with high capacity pre-filter, shutoff valve, and flexible hose assemblies for easy filter change.

This Whole House Water Filter System has now been upgraded to contain Granulated-Activated Carbon plus KDF for superior bacteriostatic and unwanted mineral control.

NOTE:  All new shipments of this product ordered from Pure Air and Water For The Earth are the same, but upgraded 300H product as has been manufactured and supplied for the past 20 + years, however, since NSA itself, is no longer stocking and providing this product, it is possible that you may see a different label on it. However, you can be assured that this product is manufactured to the same specifications, with the same qualities that you have come to expect in the past from this fine whole house water filter, and one that we will confidently continue to provide and warranty for many years to come.

Price: $560.00 USD

NSA 300HR Replacement Filter

Looking for the NSA 300H Whole House Replacement Filter?

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